by { dev } georgie

Hey man, there’s nothing much here. But I like experimenting and doing code-like stuff that makes the use of my domain name look cool.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day 2014

Just to get away from the commercialised trash

Link /valentines

Duration 3.45 hours, 13-14th February 2014

I love my friends & family, and Valentine’s Day has turned into mush. The only mush I want is the soppy “aww” from the cheesy things I write.

bermuda [theme]


WordPress theme for Hey Georgie

Link /bermuda

Duration 2 months

Named after the Hey Geronimo song of the same name. bermuda was an attempt to better the build and style of my blog, which had the same look for fifteen months (a personal record). Now live at Hey Georgie.

Happy 23rd Birthday Andy

Happy 23rd Birthday, Andy

A minor experiment with parallax scrolling

Link /andy

Duration 5 hours, 23rd March 2014

I’ve always thought parallax scrolling was a bit of a fad. Regardless, I wanted to have a mess around with it and see what I could come up with. I like the result, but I wouldn’t really use it on any of my websites. This particular project is a dump of funny quotes by my friend Andrew, intended as a birthday greeting. Photographs from

Tutorials by Georgie


Tutorials archive

Link /tuts (or

Duration 3 hours, 1st May 2014

I previously had my tutorials on my blog (, then, then I decided to move them when I wanted that website to be more blog-focused. I no longer had an interest in writing tutorials but some people found them useful, so I moved them to an archive here.