Valentine’s Day 2014

I hate commercialised trash, but love shouldn’t be that at all. So instead of dropping chocolate and flowers into these people’s letterboxes, or being a creep and putting red ribbons and teddy bears on their car, I’m writing them digital notes.

If you’re not here I still love you too. :P



Engineer, wood-worker, pet-lover, my ♥ of six years

Where Dicking around in Skyrim

When Some odd time in high school.

I have never met anyone who was so completely the opposite of me, but at the same time my better half. I did not ever dream we would be anything more than friends, but you have been the sunshine in my day.



BFFL, soon-to-be-lawyer, Typing Maniac master

Where In a library somewhere

When At least a decade ago, she had this really cool shirt.

You’ve been the only girl who has been there for me through and through. We have shared the good times and the bad, and you’ve supported me through a lot. You’re as rare as a diamond and diamonds are a girl’s best friend!



Graphic designer, metalhead, get-er-up-again-er

Where None of your business

When Accidental classmates-turned-friends.

You’re my gig buddy, my music buddy, someone who always looks out for me. When we catch up, we can always pick up wherever we left off. And that’s pretty magical.



Neighbour, Fresh Food person, drives the Bwimobile

Where At the gym

When At Winterfest 2013, I was the bored-looking girl leaning against a pillar.

Thank you for learning with me; helping me find, change and understand myself through the eyes of someone else. For all the pizza, tea and ice cream, and for helping me smile. :)



Author, cat-lover, Nerdfighter, Whovian, etc.

Where In hiding

When BA Comm, UTS. You’re not always “forced” to make friends.

Ever-quiet, almost-silent, I always share my passionate anger and enthusiasm for anything with you. Though reserved, you are a wonderful friend, like a careful, watchful shadow.



That really awesome person on Stack Overflow

Where An awesome country

When Well, the real time was around Christmas ’13!

Thank you for being my web buddy. I wouldn’t really get by with a lot of the random things in life without your support! I wish there wasn’t a stupid ocean and some piece(s) of (is)land(s) between us.



Bookworm, cute, almost twice my height

Where The country I wished I lived in

When When I still blogged on

I love (and miss) our many-hour Skype calls and ridiculous chats. You’re my inspiration a lot of the time with your hard work and what you do. I wish I could buy you a better desk chair. xx

Hey Geronimo

Hey Geronimo

Ridiculously talented bunch of boys

Where Wherever the Hoegaarden is

When Twelve gigs ago

Happy Valentines to you guys, my favourite musical munchkins. Thank you for the tunes, the dancing, the awesomeness, the inspiration, and of course for all the love.

Jeremy Neale

Jeremy (Neale)

Talented singer/songwriter, gr9 dancer

Where All the cool places (but mostly GoodGod)

When My first Velociraptor gig

Happy Valentines Day and thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people (myself included, of course!). Your kindness is precious. xo

Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale

Wagon of spunks whose music tinkers in multiple genres

Where Seemingly always at Beresford, currently USA

When I found out Oli could speak Indonesian.

Aku cinta kamu. Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for writing such delicious music that I am always in the mood for. Love love and more love.

The Griswolds

The Griswolds

Wicked bros, colourful, lively, never seem to sleep

Where Everywhere, just everywhere

When Supporting San Cisco yonks ago

I love you boys! Happy Valentines Day, I hope you get spoiled rotten. I’ll see you again you some time soon — you know I will. Exes and ohs~



Blogger, web dev, fashionista

Where (Sometimes) At the computer

When At least a hundred blog posts ago

I hope that you have a beautiful Valentines Day, and hopefully get to share it with Leon. :) You’re a very intelligent and kind person and I am grateful to be blog buddies.



Blogger, all-round cool chick

Where Land down under

When Doesn’t really matter!

Have a wonderful, not-too-commercialised-and-definitely-not-over-the-top Valentines! You’re way too good for that stuff, bwahaha.


Emmie Jane

Whovian, artist & more

Where England, duh

When A handful of years ago

Happy Valentines beautiful girl! I always feel the love from you on such days. Your positivity and determination is amazing to see.



Beauty consultant, iPad enthusiast, gardener

Where Ubiquitous

I have made mistakes, but you are the best mother, forever caring about every aspect of my life. I have taken a lot for granted, but I appreciate those times you really have been there for me.



Mail officer, music & retro computer collector, frood*

Where The op-shop

I love that I share tons in common with you, without ever really knowing, and we can sometimes laugh about some really dumb shit. You can be awfully silly sometimes.
* really amazingly together guy



LOL master, future psychology researcher

Where In his room (bro)

It’s great when we don’t argue, but then again that’s how we grew up. But I appreciate all the times we can talk about stuff in general, and there is always a never-ending list of things to laugh over. (Y)